Veganfriendly Kiezbar

Kune is a bar in the beautiful east of Leipzig. During summer, you can indulge yourselves with a freshly tapped beer on our wonderful patio and in winter it gets cosy with blankets and heaters outside or inside on a rustic corner seat with your friends.

We see ourselves as a good place for our neighbourhood. This means that we make sure to care about us, our guests and the neighbourhood, but also our suppliers and the environment.

cafe kune / pphoto anne kathin hutschenreuther
festival kune mit studio 394 im september 2021 / Foto: Anne Kathrin Hutschenreuter

seating & atmosphere

In summer most people will find plenty of seating across our enourmous street beer garden on Eisenbahnstraße and Idastraße along the bar. Even in autumn this is a pleasure as we found that heating with electric infrared lamps is the least environmentally damaging. We ask our guests to only turn these on when really needed and off immediately after use. Of course, we also provide blankets.

At some point, it’s best to go inside, which is really cosy at Kune. In the front room, there are wonderful tables next to our large window to Eisenbahnstraße and places at the bar. The back room can take up small groups up to 13 people that will find a place to sit together amongst others. Combined, we can get up to 45 people seated. On some evenings people will just stand around, then we can get up to 80 people safely under our roof.

Smoking is only permitted outside.


Perfect for small groups


At the bar or on small tables


Foremost, our products must be delicious. Then we aim everything to be produced and traded as regionally as possible, fairly and, if possible, made from organic quality. Even though we only sell drinks and snacks, we try to limit any possible impact on animal life. Take our whiskey sour which is being prepared with aquafaba from chickpeas instead of milk foam. It’s great!