Our new wines will knock you off your feet!

Wait, stay seated for a moment: As you know, we love regional products and have found something exciting up close here: our Bacchus and Rosé from the incredible BÖHME AND TÖCHTER winery out of the nearby Saale-Unstrut region.

Those who, like us, love to combine holidays with Vino don’t need to travel far: You can ride your bike from winery to winery in the nearby Saale-Unstrut region. That is how we came across this beautiful vineyard on our “research trips” and noticed: good things can be so close!

kune september 2021 / Foto: Anne Kathrin Hutschenreuter

The BÖHME AND TÖCHTER winery is located in Gleina, only 60 km away from us! The family business has modernized itself as a women-run winery with daughter Marika Böhme since 2017 and we are huge fans of their wines. Because of the unique shell limestone soils, these wines are both elegant and exciting!

So, good news: You can taste these wonderful wines at Kune and have great evenings with it! Bacchus is really full and round, with notes of mango, quince and mountain herbs and a wonderfully fragrant nose of banana and blackcurrant. It will keep you delighted all night, we promise!

Our Rosé is not for couch potatoes. It lures you outside with a fresh and fruity taste and light vanilla notes on the tongue. In addition, it has wonderful scents of fine raspberry, melon and almond. A party for your senses!

Picture of Rosé taken by @annabellesagt

Would you like to taste these two darlings? Then come around! 😀