Kune Quiz Online Edition

Join Andrea & Simone every second friday night 8pm at Kune online for a heartwarming and popcultural round of quiz-questions!

Quiz is paused for now, thanks for joining in!

Winners* earn gift-bags to pickup at Kune in the post-lockdown era. It’s five euros per person to play via PayPal, just sign up till at least 7:30 PM on that night or earlier during the week.

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Andrea & Simone going live at Kune

Why do you charge cash for a Quiz?

Well, our two resident hosts Andrea and Simone are actors and right now during the pandemic there is no work for them to make a living. Apart from that, also we at Kune are having a rather hard time staying alive as we cannot open. To finance the costs of us staying around, making our hosts feel warm and cozy, we need a bit of cash to make that work. Thank you for your support!

By the way: Winners* will be able to pick up goodiebags full of exclusive wine and drinks after the lockdown is over! Andrea and Simone will announce those winners* during the Quiz Night and we will get back to you via mail.