Mmmm, beer. We got the (probably) best beer in the world on tap!

Who would have thought it was brewed just around the corner? To be precise, in Gersdorf near Chemnitz in the Glückauf brewery. So this is not only delicious, but also super regional and therefore environmentally friendly.

Astrid, the brewery’s boss and her master-brewer have a really good feeling for contemporary taste, made with traditional craftsmanship. Incredible, we thought when we tried the Bubi unchilled from the bottle from a beer speciality shop. That was May 2016. We knew instantly: we really want to have this wonderful beer on our golden tap!

Beautiful shot of a fresh Bubi from the tap by @annabellesagt

A year and a half later and we were allowed to celebrate Bubi barrel tapping in the Kune. Since we are the first and only ones who have this great beer on tap, we are of course extra proud to refresh and make you happy with this beer.

But how does it taste?

It’s a light one, brewed with four types of hops, so it tastes fresh and slightly fruity- with a well-balanced taste profile it keeps you exited to the last drop. It is golden and of course tastes best freshly tapped.

But the best thing to do is to try for yourself. So cheers and Glückauf!